At home spa day 

It’s nice to treat yourself every once in a while. A day that is all about YOU. Take a bath, paint your nails, drink a glass of wine (or a bottle) lol. This past Saturday I was in lockdown mode due to snow. I’m one of those people that can not stay still. I hate the feeling of being trapped. So I distracted myself by taking care of myself. I did mandatory things first, meaning boring housework. After that I had the rest of the day free to do as I wanted.

I was so excited to try out Pur Minerals dirty girl detox masque. Just the name and packaging of this product got me excited. I applied the mask for 20 minutes. As I let it do its thing I started watching Dare Devil on Netflix. I highly recommend it if your looking for something new to watch. Anyways, washing off the mask was super easy. With clay masks I normally find it quite hard to wash them off. I noticed instantly that my face was much softer and brighter. Around my mouth area was the only dry spot. I believe the dry spot was caused by using too much product and too close to my mouth area.

All in all I really enjoyed this mask. It has a great price point $29. It will deep clean and detoxify your skin using a unique form of calcium bentonite clay. It will also unclog pores and draw out impurities. I would say this mask would be great for all skin types, as i found it to be extremely gentle. Give it a try for yourself or if you’ve already tried it give me your thoughts.

If you want to try out this mask or any products from Pur Minerals they have great deals at the moment. Get a mystery grab bag for just $15, 20% your total purchase and free shipping. Links below.

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