So the NEW ANASTASIA ARTIST PALETTE! Absolutely gorgeous ! I’m obsessed with it! I’m a color girl I LOVE BRIGHT! If you are in love with color as well … You need this palette. Watch my video for more info. And please subscribe. HAPPY SUNDAY LOVES 👸

Pics posted below 😍😍💋🎨




  1. I love watching your videos! I didn’t have time to yesterday but saved it for this morning and love the look you created 🙂 I wish I was better at eye makeup or actually wore more brights to justify buying this lolol. I love SOA and hope you enjoy the last season 😦 I need to start watching the Saul show. Have a great Monday xoxo Janet

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  2. Hi! Thank you so much for liking my post about Nerium! When I first got involved with Nerium I thought “I could use some extra money” and “man I want a free Lexus” but what I didn’t realize was that Nerium was going to teach me how to run a business, how to market not only the products, but myself as well. I learned through Nerium how much I loved teaching others and getting new brand partners started towards their own goals. Just today I was counseling the owner of the spa I work at on how to run her business more efficiently with tools I was given by Nerium. I would love help you reach your goals no matter what they may be and know that Nerium will make a positive impact in your life whether it’s through improving your own skin and building your self confidence or becoming an entrepreneur and working towards financial freedom and time freedom to enjoy your life! Please email me at so we can get you started towards a better life!

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