Hey😎. I took soooo long to post this video. I was crazy busy with work. I got food poisoning from sushi 😷 and was sick for a while. BUT here is my IMATS haul! Everything that I purchased at IMATS! 

IMATS was an amazing time .. I’m looking forward to going next year ☺️. Everyone was super nice. Going on pro day was awesome because the lines were long but not as long as days that it’s open to the public. I got to meet a lot of makeup artist and beauty bloggers that I look up to. The whole experience was really inspiring. Events like this remind me why I’m working in this industry. I love the beauty industry… I love that I can work…. And have fun at the same time. Makeup has become my passion. I also love how the best of the best …. STILL have room to grow. You NEVER STOP learning in the beauty industry no matter how good you are! 

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16 thoughts on “IMATS HAUL VLOG

  1. What a fun video! I love the belt and especially for $8 🙂 I do not do anyone else’s makeup but my own yet I know I would wear it around the house as I apply since I am constantly moving room to room for different lighting. Stinks about the food poisoning 😦 Hope you are much better now 🙂 xoxo Janet

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    1. The food poisoning was horrible lol thank you! I’m feeling 100% better now! I’ve wanted a brush belt for sooo long. I’m happy I finally have one. It’s really good quality and was super cheap! 🙂 I’m glad you enjoyed the video ! Thanks for watching it means a lot xo

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  2. Thank you so much for dropping by my blog! I loved your video, and am now going to go prowl your blog for more, plus reading your posts. After years of not bothering to use makeup – or just using the bare minimum – I’ve totally fallen in love with everything beauty-related. Following your blog to help keep up with things!
    ________________________ …Beauty reviews, boxes, bunch of nuttiness and a peek at my life!

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  3. Once you get the lashes down pat are you planning to do some tutorials? I’m trying to venture into this territory but not being able to see well is a challenge but I’m looking for ways to make application a bit easier.


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