So excited to start my blog!

Ive been wanting to start this for quite a while.

My job generously allows me to try out the latest beauty products. From hair to makeup, skin, nails etc. I personally find it extremely helpful to be able to read reviews/thoughts on certain products. (Because let’s be real beauty products are NOT cheap) It’s always best to do your research before committing to purchase an expensive product.

So … I hope you find this helpful xO


 Happy blogging 😊


86 thoughts on “WELCOME

      1. Amazing company to work for ! You will learn and grow so much. They are all about education. I work in ct but I want to transfer to a Manhattan .. My favorite one is the one on third ave across from Bloomingdales. I go to the nyc stores often to check them out lol

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      2. I love the 1 that’s right on 42nd street. It’s right by the subway. And that’s exactly why I want to work there. There’s so much to learn and new products like every week. I have a friend that works for Sephora, she’s been there for 3 years. I’m hoping she can help me get in. Are you working as a cashier?

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  1. Hello! Thanks for linking my wordpress post! Have you tried youniuqe yet? We have some amazing bundles this month and specials. Check them out here: http://www.mascaramovement.com remember all products purchased come with their Love it Guarantee, so no matter what, there’s no risk involved! I also offer my bloggers a referral link , so that they can get FREE makeup by posting and having followers, friends family anyone order via your link! If interested let me know i think you’d rock it!

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      1. You’re welcome, I watched it and I really like your attitude, like when you said that you don’t care if people find you weird for making videos. It is so important to have attitude like that in life, you don’t care about the haters and you’re feeling free! πŸ˜€

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      2. Yesssss girl! Thank you so much ! That mean a lot. People can be so judgmental. That why you have to just do what makes you happy .. And not worry about what other people say xoxoxox

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  2. That’s awesome that you work for sephora! Definitely why I decided to sell makeup/skincare for a living-1. To help others feel confident and 2. To get my stuff for free lol. Love your eye look btw!!

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