Currently My fav 8💣

Ysl- Volupte Tint-in-oil
(fav cherry my Cherie #5)🍒💋
•conditioning oils 
•high shine✨
•8 unique shades 😻
Boscia -Exfoliating peel gel💥
•physical peel that removes the outer layer of dead skin💀
•skin appears smoother, softer and brighter
•gross fact-you can actually see your dead skin roll off your face. 😳😁
Dior -maximizer lash plumping serum
•Primes plums and Lengthens lashes
•Long term-lash growth and strength👏↙️
I pair up with 
Benefits NEW🌟 roller lash mascara
•Hooks lifts and curls lashes
Smashbox -pore minimizing primer 
Urban decay – flush palette(blush,bronzer and highlighter) -native 
Benefit- Puff off! Smooths and soothes puffy eyes 
Sephora collection- pro brush #78 amazing brush for serum foundations 
Leaves a flawless look


23 thoughts on “Favorit8s 

    1. Awesome! I really love it .. It’s really good for curling your lashes. If you have long lashes then it’s fine to use it alone …. But if you have shorter ones like me 😬 its best to pair it up with another mascara. Xo


  1. I got the Benefit Roller Lash sample from Sephora a couple of weeks ago and I must say, I am in loooove! It makes my lashes look so doll-like and open (I have almond eyes so it’s hard to make them appear bigger without eyeliner, lol). You should try the Lancome version of the Dior lash serum, I like it a lot better! I find that it separates the lashes nicer and makes any non-waterproof mascara practically waterproof (somehow).

    Keep posting those favourites! 🙂

    xo from TO

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